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Apparel Design Studio

EmbroidMe is your source for custom creations that are designed specifically to meet your needs. Our experts can provide you with unique designs that will help you to stand out in a crowd.

Or, you can take advantage of one of our interactive design tools to use your imagination and put your own inspiring touch on something special. We put the creative control right at your fingertips, allowing you to help your vision come to life. Start exploring your imagination and create something distinctive in our interactive Apparel Design Studio.

Design Studio

A simple 3 step process walks you through the easy to use Apparel Design Studio.

  • Start with the artwork… upload your own logo or chose an image from our extensive library.
  • Add the words you’d like to see and choose a font that reflects your personal style.
  • Then, put the finishing touches on your apparel choice… pick your size and color so you can see the finished the product for yourself.

Start exploring your imagination and create something distinctive with now our interactive design studio.

Not enough? Use the following video tutorial for detailed instructions.